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Taking Experiential Learning, Reflecting, and Mentoring to the next level.


Here at Live It, we have been refining ways to improve mentor/mentee relationships using individual and shared experiences. We know that, in addition to technical skills, life success is dependent on 21st Century Skills and the individual's network of support. So, we created a process that includes identifying your individual and organizational objectives and prompting users to reflect on experiences that capture their authentic thoughts, feelings, and insights, all on our white-labeled, customizable platform. The results? Successful organizations through increased self-confidence, valuable skill-building and meaningful connections to each other and the organization.


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Reflections amplifies and extends the impact of experiences through mentor and Artificial-Intelligence supported feedback. Our customized process of structuring user prompts allows the individual to gain more from their experiences both inside and outside of the program. Innovative mentoring tools and AI support evidence-aligned and evidence-based programming which lead to greater insight and growth of desired skills, mindsets and values.

Development of Critical Skills, Confidence, & Self-Awareness

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Customization TO the Organization's Goals

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Enhancement of personal Networks


Generation of Powerful Data for Greater Insights


Our users include:

Employees - Interns - Mentees - Students - Athletes


Our mission is to help people become their best selves with the support of others. Self-growth is a lifelong journey and we want to be along for the ride.


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